Just posted this to the Mint.com user forums.

Most of my Mint's value for us users comes from knowing how our money is getting spent, but one critical part of that use case is missing: a workflow for rapid categorization.

Mint needs a really slick way to let me sit down once a month and quickly categorize all of my uncatagorized transactions. I should be presented with a queue of transactions from unknown merchants and some method for applying labels, splitting bills, etc. Ideally, I should be able to keep my hands on the keyboard for this, and it should take like 5 minutes a month or less.

This can be done manually now, of course, but it's far from efficient. The ajax stuff in the transactions tab has improved but it's still too chunky and slow on a modern MacBook Pro and Firefox 3.0. The experience should be less hunt-pick-wait and more next-next-next.

With more complete vendor preference profiles for each user, Mint should be able to monetize via more focused opportunities. Good luck guys! Mint is great but it's not complete!

The thread is here.