{-% blockquote Paul Valery, Charmes. Le Cimetière Marin %} In the eyes of those lovers of perfection, a work is never finished—a word that for them has no sense—but abandoned; and this abandonment, whether to the flames or to the public (and which is the result of weariness or an obligation to deliver) is a kind of an accident to them, like the breaking off of a reflection, which fatigue, irritation, or something similar has made worthless. {-% endblockquote %}

What’s the right amount of time to stay at a startup? My first startup (Livewire Mobile, née Groove Mobile) was the fastest and most eye-opening 18 months of my life. Before that was six years of running IT for The Real Estate Company, which was at the time the largest independently owned real estate agency in southeastern Massachusetts. That company was founded the year I was born and is still operating today. In my memory, Groove and T.R.E.C. occupy about the same amount of space.

Ultimately my four years at LocaModa was just the right amount of time. I am immensely proud of what I built while there. Some of it is open source (on my github account, with more to be released later on theirs). In a later post I may write about some of the cool work we did with Solr, Chef, ActiveMQ, Varnish, HAProxy, and Nagios. There’s a lot to be excited about happening over there, but that will be for others to ship, not me.